What is Strongman training at our gym?


Strongman/woman training is 100% functional training where the exercises easily can be transferred to everyday life. The exercise often involves lifting strange things overhead or pulling / pushing/ moving/ carrying heavy, almost unmanageable items from point a to b. By exercising strongman one gets, believe it or not, really good stamina. To maintain a high training motivation, we try to regularly hold small competitions at the gym.

For whom?

When you think of strongman, you probably imagine giant, powerful men pulling trucks and lifting unthinkable weights and think this is not something for you. To train strongman / woman with us, you do not need to have any previous strongman experience, or look like a typical strongman / woman. All you have to do is participate in our introductory course organized regularly. There you will learn how to lift atlas stones, press a log over your head, walk with yoke, and how to handle and walk with sandbags. Strongman is for those not afraid of hard training or a few scrapes and grazes.